Welcome to the NetHack directory! This directory has several subdirectories. Most of these directories have the name of some type of computer or operating system. These directories are: "Amiga", "Atari", "Irix", "Linux", "Mac", "Msdos", "NT", "OS2", and "X11". They contain files that are specific for that computer or operating system. If you don't have an Atari, for example, it would be of no use for you to get files from that subdirectory. Next to that, there are directories called "General" and "Official". The "General" directory contains general information on the game of NetHack, which might be of interest to anyone, regardless of operating system or computer. This directory contains, among other things, generic NetHack documentation, executables, and source code. More importantly, it contains the infamous NetHack Spoilers and some non-spoiling tips, among which the "FAQ" (list of Frequently Asked Questions). The "Official" directory contains a mirror of the official NetHack distribution on the ftp.uu.net site ( It has the same structure as that site. Here, our /pub/games/nethack/Official directory corresponds to ftp.uu.net's /pub/games/nethack directory. You can find pkunzip.exe in the directory ../compression. Note that you can preview text files by issuing the command: "get filename |more" (without the quotes). Pay attention where to put spaces and where not. Please note that this site originally started as the NetHack Spoilers and Variants Site. In the beginning, you would hardly find any copies of the game itself here. By now, this site has a lot more to offer, but for me, the focus remains on the Spoilers and Variants. Nevertheless, this site now also contains sources and executables, most importantly those of NetHack 3.2.0. If this site is slow, you might consider downloading from the official site, mentioned above. This might especially prove helpful if you are located in the USA, since our site is based in the Netherlands. Two humble requests: 1. Please avoid large downloads between 9:00 and 17:00 local time (Middle European Time, GMT+1). "Large downloads" are 1 megabyte or more. No measures will be taken if you _do_ download them, but chances are that it will take you a long time. 2. DO NOT POST FILES that you downloaded here. In stead, point people to this ftp site or e-mail them the file. This will limit the traffic on the rec.games.roguelike.nethack newsgroup considerably. Boudewijn. Contributions? New spoilers? You noticed an error? Mail kroisos@win.tue.nl. Questions about this site? Problems with this site? Mail ftp@win.tue.nl.